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Short term car insurance (Temporary Cover) explained

Temporary car cover is a form of short term insurance that insures drivers for periods up to 28 days (even one day car insurance is available), or from one month to another. This type of insurance is not meant to serve as one's permanent, annual insurance. Rather, short term cover is exactly what it says - transitory cover for an extraordinary situation. For drivers with an annual policy, it's additional cover in addition to their regular insurance. For drivers without annual insurance, such as students or drivers without their own cars, short period cover offers a way to meet the legal driving requirement for a short period of time.

Who Needs Temporary Cover?

Anyone might need temporary cover at one time or another. Drivers who need a larger vehicle to move flats, drivers on holiday who want a faster or more comfortable car, drivers who need to drive a friend's car, drivers who want to allow visitors to drive their cars - the reasons drivers might need short term cover are as numerous as the people themselves. One common need for cover for a short time is the use of a borrowed car. Drivers must be insured, but borrowed cars are by nature temporary vehicles. Similarly, new car purchasers need cover before they can drive their car off. short period cover can fill the gap until they can purchase annual cover for the new vehicle. In this way, temporary cover is a convenience, but it also satisfies a legal requirement.

How to Get Temporary Cover

Given the numerous reasons for insuring a car for just a few days or weeks, insurers make it exceedingly easy to purchase it. From the meticulous planner organising a week-long road trip to the worker who wakes up to a malfunctioning car, from up to a month in advance to at the last moment, drivers can find a policy that fits their needs. The Internet allows drivers to purchase temporary cover at any time of day or night.

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